About us

Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA)

Cardiovascular disease is still one of the biggest health challenges of our time. Through excellent science, innovation and effective organisation of care, we have been able to successfully combat acute cardiovascular events; we have saved many lives. This has however led to an increase in the number of chronic patients. Together with the best Dutch scientists, leading organisations representing patients, academia, healthcare professionals, industry and government have joined forces to establish the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance. The alliance works on the following five priorities: research policy designed to maximise impact, fast tracks from idea to company and from lab to patient, career perspectives for research talents and improve data infrastructure. Together we share the ambition to lower the cardiovascular disease burden by 25% in 2030 by earlier recognition of disease and rapid translation of excellent science into health improvement.


Dutch Association for Cardiology (NVVC)

The NVVC (Netherlands Society of Cardiologie) connects cardiologists and other health care professionals which are involved in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. The mission of the NVVC is to contribute to the provision and development of high quality cardiovascular care in the Netherlands.


Dutch Network for Cardiovascular Research (WCN)

WCN (Dutch Network for Cardiovascular Research) is a research network of almost 60 cardiovascular institutes within the Netherlands. We partner with pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO) and academic research organizations (ARO) from trial design to publication. Our network members are experienced professionals with excellent knowledge of clinical research. Together with qualified research professionals and dedicated staff, WCN ensures quality in clinical research. From start to finish, we maintain a reliable association throughout the collaboration.


Netherlands Heart Registration (NHR)

The Netherlands Heart Registration (NHR) aims to improve the quality of cardiovascular healthcare in the Netherlands by creating transparency on patient-relevant outcomes. It collects and analyzes data from all cardiovascular interventions and surgeries in the Netherlands, for example cardiothoracic surgery, PCI’s, TAVI’s, PM and ICD implantations and ablations. In addition to these intervention-based registries, data is also collected for specific cardiovascular conditions such as atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

The NHR processes data on behalf of all Dutch hospitals, and facilitates the use of their data for scientific research and innovation projects. The NHR is a NEN-certified organization and is compliant with GDPR legislation.

In total, the NHR collects data from over 80.000 interventions and surgeries annually.


Netherlands Heart Institute – Durrer Center

Durrer Center for Cardiovascular Research was founded by the Netherlands Heart Institute (NL-HI) in 2008. NL-HI promotes cooperation between university medical centers in the Netherlands and between scientists and the private sector within the cardiovascular domain. Durrer Center aims to support these cooperations and other cardiovascular research projects. Durrer Center facilitates storage of biological materials and provides support in data management and stewardship. By providing a transparent mechanism for sample and data access Durrer Center aims to maximize the scientific potential to benefit the scientific community and society as a whole. Durrer Center is a non-profit organization with a neutral and independent position.


Dutch Heart Foundation

The Dutch Heart Foundation (DHF) is a Netherlands-based charity that aims to reduce the burden caused by cardiovascular diseases and keep hearts healthy through stimulating (collaborations in) cardiovascular research and enhancing knowledge and awareness on these devestating diseases. The DHF works together with scientists, physicians, patients, public and private organisations and many volunteers on solutions for the early detection of cardiovascular diseases and better treatments for these diseases. The DHF stimulates research and innovation and provides support and information to (at-risk) patients.



Harteraad is the center of expertise for living with cardiovascular diseases. We help people and their loved ones by offering practical, social and emotional support. Working together with highly experienced volunteers throughout the Netherlands, Harteraad offers a safe place for the exchange of knowledge, encounters, and experiences. Our goal is  that you can live your life as fully as possible, despite your condition. Hearteraad advocates the interests of more than 1.5 million people with cardiovascular disease. Because of the knowledge and experiences of these people, Harteraad understands what they are going through and what they need. Harteraad is then able to represent them to the government, scientific researchers, insurers, and healthcare professionals.